Mission and vision

    Our Vision:

    We want to be the preferred hotel for groups and meetings in the Centre-du-Québec region by helping to promote all local tourism and cultural offerings and locally grown products. We want to be the employer of choice among hotels in the region with a view to ensuring our company’s long-term success.

    Our Mission:

    • To stand out among our competition to our target customer groups by specializing in and seeking group and convention business from companies, associations, government agencies and other organizations for events accommodating up to 250 people.
    • To always provide personalized service, a warm welcome, a unique environment, high-quality accommodations and a range of appealing activities all year round.
    • To promote the efforts of local producers by offering creative and original cuisine with emphasis on recipes with an international twist.
    • To build rapport with our guests through the genuineness of our staff and by demonstrating that we have fun at work and love what we do.
    • To be the employer of choice by adopting the following management principles:
    • Engaging employees by encouraging them to express themselves and by listening to their opinions in order to meet and exceed expectations
    • Continuous recognition
    • Making each and every person accountable
    • Promoting a sense of belonging and pride in working at Le Dauphin Hotel and Suites
    • Helping employees reach their full potential by offering continuous training opportunities
    • To wow our guests on a daily basis.
    • To embrace a total quality program by regularly reviewing our various work methods with a view to minimizing the unnecessary duplication of tasks.
    • To provide a safe environment to our employees and guests by adopting safety plans and keeping employees informed about workplace health and safety issues.
    • To assist in preserving our environment and the state of our planet by adopting “green” programs.
    • To involve all employees in generating equitable returns both for our guests and for our shareholders.

    Professional Development of Our Employees:

    •Client plus (CQRHT)
    •Workplace first aid and CPR (Red Cross)
    •Professional recognition
    •Customer service and handling complaints (CQRHT)