Substainable Development

    For many years at Le Dauphin Hotel and Suites, we have continuously sought ways to further minimize our impact on the environment through the various departments of the hotel and the majority of services we offer.

    Our Planet, Our Business:

    Our team is deeply involved in sustainable development to reflect the awareness of all in the importance of maintaining a healthy planet and healthy lives. It is essential for us to continue treating nature with respect both for ourselves and for the generations to come. Our hotel has a responsibility to pursue sustainable development in the objective of serving you in a healthful and eco-friendly setting.

    Our Objective:

    To use resources effectively and reduce excess waste as key factors in demonstrating that it is possible to operate a business in a manner that protects our planet. Below are some concrete examples of this.  Actions we have taken at our hotel toward this objective:

    •Using energy management systems in most departments.
    •Installing new sinks, showers and toilets that use less water, reducing consumption from 20 L to 5 L.
    •Replacing older incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent lamps and LEDs (light-emitting diodes).
    •Using timers on lights around the exterior of our establishment.
    •Refraining from printing faxes automatically by receiving them via e-mail and printing them only on request.
    •Recycling paper, cardboard, glass and other recyclable products from bedrooms, meeting rooms and our administrative offices.
    •Eliminating use of plastic and styrofoam cups.
    •Adopting a towel management system in all rooms.
    •Using cloth tablecloths in our dining room.
    •Using toilet paper and tissue made from recycled paper products.
    •Doing our laundry on-site.

    Sustainable Development is a Way of Life:

    •Le Dauphin Hotel and Suites is increasingly committed to supporting sustainable development while also ensuring a comfortable stay for its guests.
    •We will be pleased to help you plan your event or stay from an eco-friendly perspective.
    •This is not a complicated act but instead simply an approach to daily life, such as using mass transportation whenever possible.

    Please do not hesitate to convey your expectations to us so that we can offer you some tangible suggestions for making the transition with ease.

    Our Environmentally Responsible Partners:

    We currently partner with a number of suppliers that are, like us, aware of the importance of the environment and provide us a range of eco-friendly products. From use of biodegradable cleaning products to preference for locally grown and produced foods, we do what we can to support these green suppliers.