Hotel and Suites Le Dauphin Drummondville celebrates 50 years of success

    Inaugurated in 1963, the Hotel and Suites Le Dauphin were celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2013. For the occasion, the Administrators of this Drummondville based enterprise decided to invite all their customers, fellow Drummondvillers and many others to a mega celebration that will span over twelve months.


    Over the years, the Hotel and Suites Le Dauphin has been a landmark for accommodation services, culinary art as well as a center for meetings, conferences and events of all kinds. All about 3000 events are hosted annually at the Hotel.


    Yet, where the Hotel and Suites Le Dauphin stands out, is that the company was founded and is still successfully operated by the Milot family of Drummondville. Founded by Jean-Claude Milot and later managed by his sons Jean-Yves, Jean-François and Jean-Pierre, today, a third generation of the Milots, namely Genevieve and Caroline (the daughters of Jean-Yves) took over the management of that landmark.


    In 2013, the Milot family are honored to invite you to celebrate with them this historic event. Each month, the management of the Hotel and Suites Le Dauphin propose to its clientele and the population of the region, special events at special rates. Whether it is the standard accommodation, catering, entertainment, no effort has been spared to make 2013 a year of festivities. Is it the "5-7 of Dauphin" making a come-back? Is it the piano bar? Is it the Gueridon Service dinners? Who knows, those are all questions that will be answered in 2013.


    One thing is certain. The management of the Hotel and Suites Le Dauphin wants to celebrate the 50th anniversary in the most distinguished and unique manner and the Milot Family are inviting you.


    After all, 50 years of history is a cause for celebration.


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    1 - Hotel & Suites Le Dauphin Drummondville

    2 - Jean-Yves Milot, Company President - Genevieve Milot and Caroline Milot, owners of the Hotel and Suites Le Dauphin Drummondville.

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